Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 22:29:42 PDT

I'm doin' another U2 art project! WOOOOOOO HOO! What I've been doin'
is cutting things out of magazines. Mostly ads. Ridiculous ads. Like
the cigarette ads w/ gorgeous women and huge, bright, WHITE smiles. Ya
know....ads that are complete BULLSHIT. I've got alcohol ads, diet ads,
modeling ads, psychic ads, even some Jerry Springer ads. I've got
sayings, like "NEW AND IMPROVED!" "Available only at fine salons!" All
this media crap that the public always falls for.

WELL! My plan is to make a big ol' collage (is that how you spell it?),
and at the center, I want a picture of Bono. The picture I'm lookin'
for is the shot he takes of himself with the HANDY-CAM on the ZooTV
tour. His mouth, WIDE open. Know what I'm sayin'? Like he's eating
the camera! THEN, in his mouth, I want it to say EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS

That's it. I'm gonna enter it in the fair. Now, does ANYONE know where
I can find a picture like this??? Any size is fine. I can always blow
it up.

E-mail me, daaaaarlings. Thanks!


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