Remixes and Production of U2's Next Album

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Tue, 21 Jul 1998 02:54:07 EDT

hello, wire
this is my first post so, if it's a bit shaky please forgive me.

i wanted to comment on U2nico's comment on the remixes for U2's new album
(which hasn't even come out yet and we're already remixing it..LOL). i think
that Roni Size is a TERRIBLE mixer...if you've heard "MoFo (mother's mix)" you
knwo what i'm talking's one of the worst songs i've ever heard.
Don't get me wrong i love "MoFo (album version)" and i even like "MoFo (phunk
phorce mix)", but the "Mother's Mix" is just unbearable. I think that the
remix sounds like a kid went into the studio and just played around with the
mixing equipment.

Another thing is the vocals on the song. I'm not saying that a remix has to
have vocals, but these aren't even vocals it's just one repetative line over
and over. He could have used a line in the song such as "Mother, Mother
sucking rock and roll" or something else to repeat, but the vocals sound like
(this is just my guess...if anyone knows the real lyrics please tell me) "gill
gill gill" with a delay, it's terrible.

I just thought i'd let you all kow how i felt about Roni Size as a remixer and
how he's not good for U2. Also i want to take this oppurtunity to apologize to
U2nico, this wasn't meant to offend you, or your taste in music.

thanks for listening wire,

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