U2 singles and the Santiago video

Michael West ([email protected])
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 10:29:13 +0100

Michael West wrote:
> Wire,
> At the moment, I possess 14 U2 singles, near enough all of the Achtung Baby and Popamart ones. However, I am
> most keen to expand upon this, but seem to have exhausted all of my resources. I have been to numerous
> branches of Virgin and HMV, barring London, but cannot seem to find any singles on sale other than the ones
> that I already own. Does anybody know of a place in the UK which I can either visit in person, or contact in
> regards as to a mail-order transcation, so that I can bolster my CD singles collection?
> Alternatively, I'm going to Florida in a week. Are there any particular shops in America, preferably
> around that area, which stock U2 CD singles, bootlegs etc?
> Lastly, I have yet to get my hands upon a copy of the Santiago show on video. Is there anyone,
> preferably in the UK, who would be willing to copy this show for me, do a trade, whatever?
> As is most obvious, I am very keen to get hold of the aforementioned. So, if you have any info or can help me
> out, please privately e-mail me. Thankyou in advance.
> [email protected]
> Michael

P.s I'm sorry if this appears more than once, my e-mail is acting very
strangely at the moment...

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