New U2 Rumour!!

Tina Darrell ([email protected])
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 20:14:03 +0930

>From Zoonation:

According to unconfirmed reports, U2 are in the studio playing with
ideas and recording raw sounds for their follow-up to the Pop album.
This information, exclusive to Zoonation, comes from a source who would
like to remain anonymous and is supposedly "near the studio".

The new project, supposedly called 'Drive' by the band, has U2 in the
studio creating new material. According to reports the material is very
raw and even the band doesn't know what direction it will take. However,
the current direction is said to be a mixture between songs on the War
album and on The Unforgettable Fire.

Although the direction of the album is still uncertain and slowly
developing, it has become apparent that it will not be along the
technology driven lines of Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and POP.

According to our source, Polygram wants the album in their hands by
late September/early October so a Christmas release would be possible.

 The band is not working with this timeline, however, and expect the
album to bedone by Christmas, although unforseen complications have
become a common part of U2's recording process.

We must state that we have no other confirmation of this information and
thus it should be treated as just a rumor at this point. U2's
publicists, as of this writing, could not give me further information
and had no knowledge of this story.We also tried, but were unablee to
reach anyone from Principle Management for a comment on this story.
However it seems that this story supports previous rumors of new tracks
and studio work. Further details will be printed here as we get them.

"Midnight is where the day begins........."

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