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Wed, 22 Jul 1998 09:45:37 PDT


  This whole Sydney gathering thing is turning out waaaaaaay better than
I ever expected. For starters who know so many (well its all relative)
WIRELINGS lived in Sydney??
  Ok Ive gotten a few replys(9-thats 2 more than I had yesterday!) to my
post about getting together to see "Sunday Bloody Sunday"(coverband)
which is cool.......but Im gonna keep posting both as reminders and to
drum up some more interest.

Who: YOU!(anyone who can get here.....)
When: 25th July (Saturday)
Why: Do you love U2 or not??

  Ok anyone interested in attending please email([email protected])
me so I can give you the details privately (as opposed to boring the
rest of the list with them lol).

You know you want to,
P.S. Cancerians rock!!! Except when they are being crabby, judgemental,
introverted and overprotective. LOL. I should know.....Im one of em!

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