U2 MP3 CD's please read if you contacted me + UK Gathering

Jon. ([email protected])
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 18:23:24 +0100

Sorry to post again so quickly but I do have a good reason. Could the
people who contacted me about the MP3 and audio CD's please get in touch
with me again. My computer took a dive Sunday night (nearly out of the
window!!) and I've lost all my messages :o(

If anybody missed the message before then I have a 5 CD set of MP3 files for
30 ($50) including postage and packaging. You can check out the details on
my webpage at


just follow the link a little way down the page to the MP3 CD's.

UK Wire Gathering

I am arranging a meeting in the UK and would like to know if anybody is
interested. So far I have only had 1 reply

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