Should I of thrown my drink at him? or U2 make me violent

Kate Bellgard ([email protected])
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 02:30:41 +1000

Well hello to all the good people in Wireland....

I'm an almost always lurker sneaking out for a quick post cause I'm really
very very pissed in both senses of the word right now : )

Just got back from a nice ole' night out, well, it was mostly nice at
least. So anyway off with the preface and on with my little story. Having
forsaken club land for a night (yeah I know the music sucks and the people
suck and the drugs are too expensive but its still fun alright : )) myself
with some trusty pals headed off to hit the pubs...walking not crawling
(well at least not at the start) And so I'm this fish out of my normal
water and this nice human type male strikes a little conversation type
thing with me...the topic of music is raised, I'm reluctant to state my I'm not *ashamed* of my taste but hey I hold that stuff
close to my heart, that which you love most is always most personal. So
given that, I list my least fav fav stuff first before getting to my Irish
musical kings... Only to be interupted witht the slightly grovelly "Whoa
cool choices" comment, "none of that mainstream crap for you hey!"
followed by "Anyway the mainstream is dead...look at it, its been over run
by the crap that is the Spice Girls Hanson and Mariah Carey music for the
prepubescants and those over thirty with no imagination, look at U2 their
last album sucked, see no one cares about them now, once things are out
there they can't be in here" at which the said human creature pointed with
admiral dramatic flair to his heart. Picking my jaw up from the floor
where it had dropped during the last part of his speech I grasped
(unsuccessfully) for a polite way to respond.

On the dull and blurry cab ride home though I began instead to curse
poetic I realised I'd done my share of criticising the
musical taste of others...As i see it though the thing is this, taste is
always gonna be an issue on which folks disagree and thats fine, it can be
tonnes of fun, and everyone has a right to choose what they like. To some
people music means everything, to some its just ear candy, some prize
originality others like things derivative and familiar, some people like
whats new and trendy others go for for durabilty over fashionability.
Whatever. I don't myself think catergories such as mainstream or
alternative have much use, I like what I like cause I see worth in it. So
even though I
would/ have/and will always argue there are some acts that I find devoid
of any artistic merit, so long as people like them for there own and not
market reasons fair enough....The charts need not reflect the heart. U2
are deep in mine though always forever now, sales or no sales.

Now if only I'd said that to my drinking buddy instead of recommending
that he purchased a ears with brain in a two for one deal ; )

Actually this wasn't a short post at all.

****Disclaimer: please don't flame me its 3am and I am unsober, please
don't laugh at my typos either just finding the keys is hard enough. And
if this made no sense to anyone *sorry* but coherence will not be needeed
next century.


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