Oli G
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 18:37:18 +0200


I know that many of you were wondering about the third promo 12" of
Mofo (catalog number: 12MOFO3). Well I just went to London for a few
days and I bought it there.

It is only one-sided and has a stamped white label that says:
U2*MOFO / Matthew Roberts / Limited Edition / Explicit Remix

The sleeve is plain black with a hole in the middle (no catalog number on it).

The remix is basically the Mother's Mix, but without the annoying cuts in
Bono's vocals when he says/sings Mother Sucking/Fucking Rock And Roll.

This remix is very rare (only 300 copies made) and it's so cool to have
the whole vocals without the cuts. So I'd like to make it available to
you all.

I will try to find someone who has a CD burner and I will make CDR's of it.
I think that the disc and the shipping (worldwide) will cost me something
between 10 and 15 US dollars.

If you're interested, please get in touch with me. I will only do this if
many people want it.


Oli G

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