Re: Achtung T-shirts and The Cyber Cat

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 11:08:15 PDT

I was at lunch with me mum the other day, and as I was sittin' there,
munchin' away, I saw a man walk out with an Achtung Baby shirt! No way!
WAY! I was tempted to run over and make him an offer he couldn't
refuse. I wanted the shirt off his back! Instead, I let it go, and
decided to ask all ya WIRE peoples HOW I can get my hot little hands on
one.... If I CAN'T get one, then I guess I'll just keep on checkin' out
thrift stores. Ya never know! There might be some insane wanker that
gave their U2 shirt up to the thrift stores. One man's trash is another
chick's treasure....

Know what my FIRST encounter with U2 was? I was in the 7th grade, and
was taking a gymnastics class. There was this girl there, who was
TOTALLY good at all the flips and cartwheels and stuff. She was older
and was little Miss Professional. Pretty stuck up! HOWEVER... she was
wearing an ACHTUNG BABY shirt! I noticed the shirt right away.
Somethin' in me clicked. Even though I didn't know much about U2, I
still thought the shirt was so awesome. She was kind of a snob... but
she mustn't have been TOO bad, for she was into U2! Great taste! And
I'll never forget that night, ever. When I first noticed U2!

HEY, also, a cat named Bono is the coolest thing I've ever heard!
Well... not as cool as hearin' U2's on tour again, but... you know what
I mean. When my family got this big, fluffy, white cat, my name
suggestion was Bono. The cat didn't look like Bono, but so what? It's
a bitchin' name. My parents didn't go for it, damn it! Instead, the
kitty's name is Pete. Oh well. I tried.

Later everyone!

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