RE: Worst PopMart Moment

Lemon Byte ([email protected])
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 09:33:40 PDT

I would have to say my worst moment was after the November concert in
Houston. We were outside waiting for "the guys" to show up, when a black
towncar pulls up in front of us. It was of course, Larry and the Edge!
Well everyone got excited and started coming up for a closer look, but
unfortunately, for my health, I was right up front standing right behind
those barricade things that aren't very stable. I just remembering
praying that I would not die before meeting Edge.

The barricades could easily go down, with me as well, so I got my senses
back and started pushing back at the rude people behind me (the were not
Wirelings, I can tell you that, don't ask why). That seemed to keep them
back for a while, but when Edge came around to sign they went wild
again! There was this very rude, amazon girl standing right behind me,
I'm only 5"5, but she was very tall. Anyway, Edge was close, that girl
had some cd cover she wanted him to sign, so this.. grrrrr, sorry it's
upsetting still, person puts both of her gargantuan arms around my HEAD,
covering my eyes mind you, so the blasted cd cover would be in Edge's
view..not caring that I can't see a darn thing in front of me, or even
breath. This is where I lost my patience and told her to get her damn
arms out of my face, I even made room for her to stand next to me, but
she didn't listen. Well, she eventually moved down the line, and yes, I
did get to meet Edge face to face, get my autograph, and even get a
smile and handshake from him, as well as Larry. So except for those
moments when I was in fear for my life, it was a great night!

Don't mess with a Wireling,


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