Additions, Subtractions to the setlists for next tour

THEFAMILY ([email protected])
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 11:57:14 -0500

    I wish that they would mix the set up from night to night. I know that
this would hamper the multimedia effect, but I think it would be cool. Plus,
they should do more acoustic stuff, 4 or 5 songs, instead of the 2 (Popmart)
or 3/4 (Zoo TV). I think that would give them more flexibility. Also, maybe,
and I know that this is wishful thinking, they could play an occasional show
at a very small venue, 1000-5000. Maybe 1out of every 10 shows or something.
This would also increase the spontaneity because they could basically play
whatever they wanted at these shows. I know tickets would be vitually
impossible to obtain, but that would make it all the more challenge and all
the more worth it. Since the whole show cannot be spontaneous, there are
songs that need to mainstay's in the set list. These are the ones I would

    Bullet The Blue Sky/Running to Stand Still: Only if they can continue to
evolve the arrangement for Bullet. It is the song that has changed the most
over the years and it also can change with the city/country because of its
emotional and political background.

    Please/Streets: In fact, if the four of these songs could some way be
arranged together that would absolutely rock.

    Acrobat: My own personal choice. The song rocks and it is unfortunate
that it has never been performed live (Hershey Park really doesn't count).
It deserves its due time in the set list.

    That's it for now. The acoustic songs can be changed nightly and there
should be a section of 2 or 3 for songs from BOY-WAR and then 2-3 from
Zooropa and Rattle and HUM. SBS should stay acoustic.



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