POPmart Tel Aviv ~~Sorry~!!~~Let's Clear it UP!!!~~ Any Other Israeli Wirelings Out There?? Contact me!!!

Yair Why? ([email protected])
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 17:00:41 PDT

>I'm so sorry to tell you all who bombed me with desperate TA Popmart
>No I DO NOT HAVE the TEL-Aviv full show.
>anyway Keep Looking! I'll encourage you-
>POPmart Tel-Aviv Took Place In A Temporary stadium Built In
>Hayarkon-Park -A big-Grassy "Green-Lung" also called Joshua Gardens
>(yeah! Joshua) In the north of Tel-Aviv
>the show was on the 30 of September just one Eve before Jewish new
>Eve- A National Holliday- the Crowd was 50,000 People more or less, the
>Biggest Rock concert Held in Israel for the last 5 years or so (even
>Bowie`s show in 96 and REM's in 95 brought hardly 25,000 each), and
>during the Evening Proved itself to be the best, It's U2's first show
>Israel Ever! after a few attempts during the last 14 Years Before the
>show to bring them here, Being the Closing night for the Second Leg
>POPmart Tel-Aviv was A Very polished and moving Evening with Bono's
>voice totally recovering the Sarajevo crisis one week before, the show
>was Broadcasted on 2 radio stations and One TV channel, but only one
>source Aired the show in its Entirety and even that is not sure! Just
>before I took the Bus to Tel-Aviv a few Hours Before the Concert, I set
>the Timer in my Tape to record the show but STUUUUUUPPPPPPIIIIDDDDDDD
>I put a 60 min. cassette instead of a longer one! when I got home the
>other day I Had to face 3 terrible Facts:
>1. IT was one of the greatest nights I've ever known and It's over.
>2. the concert wasnt fully broadcasted-(there was an awfull program
>going on the radio with some "breaks" from the show) as I expected -
>and the people at the radio have done a ridicolous job.
>3. because I misplaced the cassette I just missed Please and Streets!!
>OK there was a special gate at the show for the TV crew, they Prbably
>aired something between 30 mins. to 1 Hour of the concert ranging
>somewhere from "Please" to "MLK". there's a chance that this stuff will
>be re-broadcasted sometime again as this TV channel happens to Show
>concerts about 2 or 3 nights a week, usually Jazz or Israeli Artists,
>But Lately they had a Fu**in Spice Concert and REM unplugged so -Who
>the only Chance to get the full show is to get Galei Tsahal's material
>from the show, Galei Tsahal is the Israeli Army's Radio Station (though
>not very Militaristic :-)) and they also Broadcasted the show, I can't
>receive them very well In my room (otherwise I would have recorded from
>that Station).
>If there are Any Wirelings from Israel (there is at list one!), And If
>they Have connections In one of the next Stations:
>1."Reshet" (Channel 2-TV)
>2. "Reshet Gimel"
>3."Galei Tsahal" or "Galgalats"
>Contact ME!!! Please and maybe we can Put an End to this!!
>Isn't that Absurd?? An excellent POPmart show Broadcasted by three
>differrent proffessional Authorities Is almost the Only one
>Meanwhile I have: Gone, EBTTRT,Last Night on Earth, and Parts of I will
>Follow and BULLET from the show that I will try to MP3 and put at my
>Page In tripod Every few weeks, My eyes and Ears are wide open and I
>regularly browse the Israeli TV guides for news about this lost
>My last Night on Earth (I`m not Coming Down)....
>my Page: http://members.tripod.com/~Bruised_Silken_Sky

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