Slow Dancing MP3 for download/5CD MP3 set for sale/UK Wire Gathering

Jon. ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 01:20:48 +0100

Hi everybody,

I have put a MP3 file of Slow Dancing on my website. It is the version from
the Stay (Faraway, So Close!) single with just Bono singing on it up .
Anybody who wants it, go get it. It's at the bottom of the page. It's one
of my favourites and is only 3mb.

You'll also find details of the 5CD set of MP3 files that I am selling. If
you're interested let me know. Also if you contacted me about them
originally please contact me again as I lost all of my email messages last
Sunday and have lost a couple of peoples addresses.

It includes the following and much more

Rocks Hottest Ticket
New Years Night In Dublin
Mexico PopMart
Santiago PopMart
The Complete Salome Outtakes
Boston Tapes '83
Barcelona PopMart
Sydney Z(T)(V) - Complete with Tryin' & Zoo Confessionals
Mofo - Matthew Roberts Ltd Edition Explicit Mix
Lemon - Trance Mix (Promo only mix not the bootleg Trance In The Perfecto
Mix from some of the fruit CD's)

You'll also find details there of some of the audio CD's that I have for

UK Wire Gathering

If anybody is interested in getting together then please email me. I have
received 5 replies now but could always do with some more!!

See Ya


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