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Sun, 26 Jul 1998 17:42:23 -0700 (PDT)

>[email protected] wrote:
>Does U2 really need the extraneous 90's images, from ultra cool
>shades/leather Fly look, Macphisto devillish character, Village people
>clone, shadow boxer, hooded rapper, long heels

Haven't you heard of creativity and originality? Can you name any
band of the modern period who have been successful with using the same
props and the same clothes everytime they come up with a new tour?
Well, maybe your "arena" bands would but stadium acts need something
new and refreshing everytime...

Oh by the way, I don't know where you got your twisted logic but the
boxer and village people thing is not a persona, unlike The Fly and
MacPhisto. The robe and the village people thing is just a bunch of
clothes. Oh, one more thing...U2 only did the village people thing in
the discotheque video.

Using your corrupted and skeptical line of reasoning, I would say that
Bono also played the role of a gambler in I Still Haven't Found, and a
crowd pleasing law breaker in Streets. He even played the role of
"actor" in Rattle and Hum what's your point?

U2 just follow the trend and don't fixate themselves to the preferred
persona you want them to be. Part of being an entertainer is the show
so what they do is please people and let them get their money's worth.
 I have yet to read a Wire post saying they did not get their money's
worth in Zoo TV or Popmart.

Once again, this is a narrow mode of thinking...


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