Bono: The Action Figure

[email protected]
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 14:42:11 EDT

So...I have been thinking lately, like I do, and I have decided that what I
REALLY want for Christmas is a Bono action figure.

It would be SO much fun to play with! The advantages would be U could change
out his clothes and dress him up as McPhisto, The Fly, Boxing Bono, Mirrorball
Man, etc..and U could give him a little microphone AND a guitar (cause even
though hes not a really good guitar player..he tries and he deserves a guitar)
:) BUT the best part of it all is......moveable parts! oh yes :)

Now I figured that Bono would need a stage to play on I want a
POPmart stage to go with it. With the arch, big screen, olive and of
course...the lemon. And then I thought well...he would need some friends to
play with too so I want a Gavin Friday action figure as well :) Now U could
get the Adam, Larry, Edge, and Paul McGuinness figures too. But this is my
scenerio so I would just like the Bono and Gavin figures.

I had this dream last night that I was playing with my new toys (Now Im 24 and
yes I LOVE toys) and all of sudden this big military tank came crashing
through the video screen and started chasing Bono and all these GI Joes came
out and were tryin to rescue him from the fans. It was quite cute :)

and with all of this talk of Beanie Babies and how HUGE they seem to be at
this point and time. I would also like a Bono Beanie Baby too :)

Yes I have an overactive imagination but ahh well...I enjoy it :)

dreaming out loud....or AM I?

"and I hope you feel, that if all of this breaks down, and if the lemon gets
squeezed and the olive gets eaten and the neon is hidden in the sun....I hope
you still wanna come out and hear our band and see our band..." -Bono--Oslo,
Norway 8/6/97

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