Re:Perfect opening act...

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Mon, 27 Jul 1998 14:56:46 EDT

<<Kimiko wrote>

<<Who'd be the perfect opening act for U2...hmmm well U2 of course, U2
opening up for themselves! I'm just joshing
MxPx = ) Gotta love those 3, they always put on a good show even if they
were getting booed at for not being gravity kills and opening for the
sex pistols. Really good band. I don't like hardly any of this new punk
shit but MxPx is good.

ya know...MxPx are SUCH a good band and I couldnt agree more with U. I never
even thought about them opening. Their new record is amazing and I saw em
about a week ago here. If people would just give em a chance they would sell
alot more records and I am the same way...I dont like punk but I love MxPx,
Blink 182, and Jawbox....the rest of it...Im not really into. I think if MxPx
opened up for U2 they would sell tons of records and become more known rather
than them being this tiny act that hardly anyones heard of. The guys have been
around for a while too. They have like 5 or 6 records out. Perfect choice...I
add my vote in for MxPx to my already listed Massive Attack and Verve


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