multimedia stuff and spontanity

Nikolaus Leiner ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 22:05:15 +0200

Hi folks,

Well, there is all this talk about spontanity at concerts outthere,
and that multimedia events prevent much of it.

I can't agree with that. Just take the ZooTV tour.

1. Is it a multimedia event? YES
2. Was there spontanity in the shows? YES


The Edge sang Party Girl at Bonos birthday, at Rotterdam at the beginning
of the
Zooropa Tour.

They did one of the rare performances of Zooropa and Babyface at the London
but Bono didn't the channel surfing thing before EvenBetterThanTheRealThing
Also Salmon Rushdy joined them on stage at this show.
The other night at London they played I Will Follow and an amazing version
of Bad with
L. shankar on violin.

The played Knocking On Heavens Door together with Axl Rose at Vienna

They started the show with Sunday Bloody Sunday and two or three other
songs before
ZooStation and the rest at Hershey.

Some nights they had a satellite link-up to Sarajevo (eg London 12-08-93)

Bono sang Help at the second Dublin show.

Some nights they played WOWY, sometimes not.
The same goes for When Love Comes To Town and others I guess.

Also the telephone calls and MacPhisto's speeches were quite spontan.

Ok, I stop rambling.



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