Re: Don't Kill the Messenger; But Spice Girls Beat Another U2 Record LOL

Who needs bathrooms? ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 13:16:12 -0600

> Deseree Stukes wrote:
> > Spice Girls Forever
> > And they've also hit another record. At their show in Orlando, Florida,
> > earlier this month (JUL98) the sound level reached an amazing 110
> > decibels, beating the record held by the ROLLING STONES and U2.
> Oh course they're louder, have you ever heard 50,000 seven year old
> girls screeching at the top of their voices for 2 hours?
> I'm suprised it reached only 110. The little darlings will probably
> have premanent ear damage:p
> U2's fan's voices changed years ago, they just can't compete in the
> loudness area.

I've been wondering about this. Are they refering to the sound
system used at the concert, or are they referring to crowd noise?


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