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Amaali Kumari Lokuge ([email protected])
Tue, 28 Jul 98 10:12:42 +950

i've just joined wire and i've only read the messages on the 27th because there's
just too much.
But i was just wondering if anyone noticed how like a person U2 music is. I
mean take each album as a milestone say. Boy, is sought of the egocentric child,
screaming for attention and completely irate that the world isn't exactly beautiful.
"when I was three i thought the world revolved around me i was wrong..." And
october's much the same, in a way trying to work out why everything's bad. Then
there's war: early adolescence where they feel that the world is there to be
changed etc ("sometimes when you're young you think you can take on the world,
and sometimes you're right- bono). And then J tree, finding love, less egocetric
this time, the songs are mostly in the third person and about issues that are
to a degree external to U2 ie not so much about religion. The songs are more
of a social comment. Also at this time there's Rattle where they still believe
that the world can be changed if you try hard enough.
And then there's Achtung, in a sense late adolecense, where U2 find that the
world really can't be changed and they go into a kind of sulk. The album has
lots of the kind of angst indicative of disillusioned idealism. And then zoorpoa
and pop are like the adult become cynical through disillusionment. Where they
see how stuffed humanity is and that basically people don't have any urge to
change. Like Miami. It takes such a wholly cynical view of people. Anyway, that's
what i've been thinking about after my overdose of U2 during the holidays.

I'm also wondering if there's anyone out there who wants to start a website
analysing U2 songs. See, people see U2 either as religious, political or simply
a band writing about love songs. This is because each of them views the songs
from a certain plane. Whereas there are basically three or four planes to most
U2 songs: at the most obvious level there's probably the love and political
elements and then deeper down there's the religious symbolism and then deeper
still there's a basic analysis of humanity.
I'm a complete duffy at computers so if anyone wants to initiate a site analysing
the songs, I'll gladly help with interpretations.
There's one site but that only looks at a very superficial level.
So do email and tell me.
love amaali

Ps someone wrote that Bono has become less preachy, did you go to the pop concert?
How can you say that Bono's less preachy when he starts "please" with "please
stop fighting, please, please stop fighting"


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