2 questions: trader and 40

Sara Zettervall ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 17:50:17 PDT

Hello WIRE,

I would highly recommend visiting Ireland (bet you think that's a pretty
stupidly obvious statement), but don't go in July. Dublin city is
overrun with teenage Italians. It's scary.

That being said, I was wondering if any of you have gotten boot CD's
from Danyel Ramelow (aka The Man) & whether you were happy with the
result. I have been on his mailing list for some time now and am
thinking of buying (yes, I realise they're CDR's).

The other question I have is this: for quite some time now, I have had
this version of 40 in my head where towards the end Bono goes
"Hal-lay-LU-yah... ahh hah HAH... hal-lay-LU-yah AY-hey-hey... <repeat
once>... HOW long (etc, really ripping on the "how"). I remember really
loving this when I heard it, but I can't seem to find it on any of my
recordings, visual or audio, and I'm starting to think I might have
imagined it. But it's so real in my head... if this seems familiar to
any of you, please let me know what concert you think it might be from.

Slan (finally know some Gaelic),

Sara Z

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