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J ([email protected])
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 04:03:39 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry for this long post but I sometimes get too passionate when
someone tries to argue using the most twisted and invalid arguments
without any coherent logic whatsoever. I get passionate because it
involves my favorite band.

Rob said:
>J missed the fact Macphisto is rehash, the 6 inch heels, Bowie-esque
>makeup and glam rock glittery jacket are straight from glam rock

Actually, can you say Bowie started all that? The origins of the
devil or the even one even date back to centuries before the first
book of the Bible was even written. Man bases his actions from
history and learns from it, and reinvents himself. If I followed your
line of argument, everything (including ALL of U2's albums are rehash).

>j misses
>that obvious one and tries to dismiss all the 90's U2 image as 'only
>seconds in the Discotheque' video

Well, my point simply is that you are the one fixating your rehash
accusations on a mere 30 secs. Bono's acting like a saint, do-gooder
lasted almost a decade and the Dalton Brothers played more than 30
seconds (I'm sure of that!). I am not saying the Discotheque video is
bad (I actually like it!), but what I'm saying is that Rob is so
biased in the sense that he bases his argumets on a 30 second clip
(hmmm..maybe the "boxer" things was 2 minutes and maybe the rapper
thing was 1 second) while he clearly negates and intentionally blinds
himself to the 80's rehash of U2. Simply put, using Rob's line of
thinking everyone is rehashing and everyone is a chameleon. Hmmm, I
wonder what Rob would have to say about Savage Garden. But hey,
"Every artist is a cannibal, Every Poet is a thief."

>was almost as bad as your myopic
>definition of loosenss or spontaneity, ignoring that the quality was
>implicit for the performance of the song,

Well, Rob, assuming that my definition of loseness is wrong, yours
must be even more twisted. You defined looseness in relation to the
sound quality of the boot as you once alleged that U2 was more "loose"
on you vinyl boot than on the CD boot of the same show! No sense at
all! Duh!!!!

>It seems to me, some people are simply apologiists, everything U2 has
>done since '90 is infallible.

Where did you get that argument? Why do you think the entire Wire is
now starting a thread on what songs should be omitted and added to the
setlist? Don't you think they also realize that U2 made mistakes?
Weren't there posts regarding whether or not Passengers was a
worthwhile project? Well, no one in Wire finds U2 perfect but what
makes the us different is the imperfect points we see in U2 which
differ to each individual subject to his own opinion and biases. So
please refrain from imposing your rigid opinions on us because what
may be imperfect to you may be perfect to some and vice versa. The
word Rob is Respect.

>I will
>Follow and New Year's Day may be familiar to everyone but there is
>more interesting stuff to choose from, the diversity would help.

Rob's going back to his argument against stadium anthems. I think if
Rob had it his way, U2 would be playing Luminous Times, Holy Joe, and
Alex Descends To Hell For A Bottle Of Milk instead of these songs that
are anthemic and catchy. What do you think Rob...should they drop
With Or Without You from the setlist in favor of "Ito Okashi" or
"Beach Sequence" perhaps? Just asking... ;)


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