Re: BonJovi and U2

Kate Bellgard ([email protected])
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 23:33:31 +1000

Hello again y'all

Okay so if anyone out in WIRELAND remembers my last little post I'm all
for diveristy kinda cause hey it kinda rocks...but someone has to say it.
Andrew *who can think of nothing worse than three hours of Bon Jovi* is
soooooo right Xept...its not a joke, its very, very serious. Its a cruel
and unusual form of torture. People must be spared. Even those (or perhaps
most importantly those) who consider themselves fans of this bland little
anti-bono and his overly hairy chums.... 3 hours????? I mean honestly
people, you can have too much of a good thing and too much of a bad thing
is just far more dodgy....

OOOOOO they haven't got a prayer (or a clue)

Don't flame me cause I'm heat resistant and its a joke anyways people
(well sorta)

O and my ideal opening act = Manic Street Preachers no questions just

You're all F*#@$ing beautiful.

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