MODSAVAGE a public declaration of gratitude

WBC ([email protected])
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 02:33:15 +0900


     This is a public note of thanks to MODSAVAGE, who very kindly took the
time to record and send to me, a number of thoroughly appreciated Boot and
compilation albums. An act of kindness and generosity, independently
undertaken, without even the mildest of coaxing, and accompanied by not even
a veiled request for reimbursement. He had initially replied to my posting
of several weeks ago immediately after my cd's had been nicked; Needless to
say, I am extremely grateful for the time and effort he put forth on my
behalf, and can only hope that anyone who suffers at the hands of thieves,
may also have the good fortune to experience such generosity.

    Best to all,

                    WBC. [email protected]

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