Optimal Set List preferences

Chantal Latulippe Francisco ([email protected])
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 10:39:13 -0700

Feeling chatty today, I guess.

I guess my preferences run contrary to many active posters to the list
regarding the inclusion of "Mysterious Ways" in the shows. I much preferred
the PopMart version of MW during this tour, and I've found that it's really
become one of my favorite songs, both live & recorded, as a result. The
energy on the stage during that song gave me a groove that I haven't lost!
I really love the new spin on the song...it's got quite the good vibe! That
little dance on the stage that Edge did...come on, you can't deny it, it was
(for lack of a better word) adorable. Honestly, in my opinion, this song is
great right where it is.

Now, as far as potential "drops" from the list...again, in my opinion...
With or Without You

That's it. I wouldn't really part with any other of them. As a matter of
fact, at the beginning of the tour I was disappointed to see Even
Better...taking up precious set list space. As the tour progressed, I found
myself enjoying it more.

I'd love to have seen Bad live. Heck...I would've loved to have seen more
from Unforgettable Fire and Zooropa. Can't win 'em all, though, and I
consider myself lucky enough to just get what they wanted to give me. It's
all about art, baby. I certainly hope, though, that they're allowed more
flexibility on the next tour as far as setlist goes. Although I loved the
screen, I didn't care for the way it locked them into a specific set that
changed very little over the course of the tour.

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