U2 and William Gibson: Idoru

David Lang ([email protected])
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 12:20:37 +1000 (GMT+1000)

    William Gibson is one of the happening writers in the world at the
moment; knows what's up, he's the Sex Pistols of the Cyberpunk world.
Apparently, he was a kind of influence on U2 during Zooropa, and I think
he kind of returned the favour when I read his book Idoru.

    The similarities are astounding. There are so many subtle references
packed inside that indeed the characters are vaguly based on Bono andEdge,
but not only that, it seems that the Lo/Rez fanclub which is written about
in the text is a parallel of Wire!!! How we, as fans, have the greatest
database of material or access to material concerning the band than the
band do themselves. To find information about Bono, do we consult the
official U2 websites and albums, or do we dig around amongst ourselves,
uncovering info from our own sources. Of course I am not saying that the
albums and official U2 "collective" is inferior; I am just commenting on
the similarities between the world of Lo/Rez in Idoru, and U2 to us. Bono
is just like Rez, the Edge is the splitting version of Lo. The final
question remains: who is the Idoru, the virtual rock star who Rez(Bono)
wants to marry? Is it Lara Croft?

Then again, I could be entirely wrong!

                   ""Goodbye...No emotional goodnight""

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