Enigma Samples U2?!?!?

Jason Kinzer ([email protected])
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 21:44:24 -0500

Dear All,

    I happened to be studying on Saturday night (it's a sickness, I
know) and I heard a song by Enigma on the radio, during which I swear I
heard the opening to Ultraviolet...you know, just Bono as the Fat Lady
wailing, before Edge comes in with the opening riffs? Anyway, they
mixed it in and out, and I'm pretty sure that was it...can anyone
confirm my suspicions, and possibly tell me what song that was--it was
pretty cool to begin with, even before hearing U2!

    2LT Jason Kinzer -- [email protected]


    More importantly, did Enigma get permission to use the sample?

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