Old vs. new, BDC

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Wed, 29 Jul 1998 22:22:49 -0400

Well, bust my britches....it's good to have you back BDC...you've brought
me out of the woodwork.....

Howdy folks......

In response to the thought provoking post by our one and only Big daddy

> question for the thoughtful: I have noticed that I spend less and
>less of my listening time with the early U2. This struck me as
>interesting, and I wonder how much of it is just wanting to know the new
>stuff as well as the old stuff, or if listening to the older material
>just doesn't have the same impact for me.

Actually, it's probably a combination of many things. I too, listen to
less young U2....Funny thing...about age. I"m a little younger (very
little...:)) than the boys and I find that I've related to them at each
stage for that reason. We all come to the same places eventually, you
know...those questions you finally find yourself hearing in your
head.....those things about the meaning and your place in life...As Richard
Bach says....paraphrase.....Ask yourself these questions....who are you?
where are you going? what do you want.......and watch your answers
change........Pop answered a lot of things for me.... Cuz hearing someone
ask the same questions validates those very questions.....You know? I pull
out the early ones when I just want to rock and ignore the
constraints......And you know, folks...now that I mention it....there's
been some talk on here about..."gee, when people get in their
thirties,...they really give up and don't listen to anything
new.....etc..." Ah...my young things....You see age is about energy. And
as you watch the same stories being retold over and over ...you realize
that not much will change merely by your very existence.....As a matter of
fact...you don't matter much at all in the scheme of things. And so, you
choose your battles more carefully.....I see U2 do that and I
understand....Let me just say, that please don't judge till you get
here......I do listen to new things and I am open....I'm just more

>. I don't think it's\ me getting older, as I still get off on new
>bands and their latest awkward steps toward soming to terms wit
>themselves, but the richness in lines like "love's a bully/pushing and
>shoving/in the belly/of a woman" is something to savor (and no,. it's not
>just about sexx

Actually - it is about you getting older....and them getting older...Your
taste in them has grown with them. As they get more sophisticated...so
does your ear.

>the forgotten gems: I'm listening to Janis and BBHC Winterland '68 as we
>speak, and have been wearing down my 'Mats LPs with use. I also found the
>local used LP joint, so I have just sat in awe of AC/DC's Back in Black, a
>masterpiece of its genre.

* Yikes....man do I feel old....funny seeing AC/DC's - that got me through
adolescence.....absolute classic.
And Janis was a goddess.......I find new interest in World music as well -
investigating the middle east, native american tunes and various countries
in Africa.......I have a fondness for the African music I can't even
explain...except that I was born over there, but only briefly remained.....

> Another interesting point: having been on this list for quite a few
>years now, it's interesting to see the massive drop in posts from the
>tour's height to its current level. Have we lost the chaff, or are people
>simply spent, and needing the U2 equivalent of Viagra? or maybe it's for
>the best, given the Best passages we haver had lately.

* Or maybe cuz Joel changed the posting system to only subscribers? I'm
very happy with the length these days.

> Well, I guess that I should send this off. time to wrap the shawl back
>around your glistening shoulders, finish the last of your ambrosia, and
>give me that soft look that says goodnight, but you really don't have to
>go if you don't want to. But, go I must, so I look forward to hearing
>from all you little Satellites of Love in the near future.

mish smiles and winks......

   Bom Bom Bom...

thump, thump....

A fond adieu and a special wink for Elena.........

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