Re:J's devellish Macphisto impersonation

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Thu, 30 Jul 1998 03:36:13 EDT

rob....please quit it ok? This isn't a place to air your personal qualms with
J, and frankly I'm getting sick of reading your comments. If you don't like
U2 anymore, FINE but why bother us with ridiculous comments over Bono's voice
and characters? Everyone on this list I am pretty sure are aware of David
Bowie and his characters, but Im sure he wasn't the first to do it...and the
zoo tv characters themselves are very creative and relate quite well with the
u2 concept.
Popmart and pop were my first u2 experiences, and I found them rather
amazing...Maybe they aren't as good as the Joshua Tree era..i couldn't be one
to fairly judge, but oh well..we can't go back to the eighties so why not
enjoy what we do have.
I for one wouldn't continue to follow a band I lost interest or respect for a
decade ago, and your logic in your posts is faulty as well. By trying to
prove that the 90's U2 were a fake, you also mananged to fault your current
favorite U2 era. I've been following this discussion for a while, and while
J hasn't been perfect, I'd much rather live with josh than the cynical
negative person your posts seem to show you to be.
   Rob, let me ask you you still like this band? If you do
great, if not I am sure there are plenty of bands that would interest you
more. The majority of the people on this list still enjoy U2 and still think
they have great times ahead of them...your posts probably won't and haven't
change their mind, and certainly hasn't changed mine!

will continue to defend Pop,

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