U2 in my church

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Thu, 30 Jul 1998 12:37:25 EDT

I'm really glad to hear that Bono will be helping out Kirk Franklin with this
benefit song. For awhile now, my obbsesion with U2 has been looked down upon
by some members of my church....mostly from the youth pastor. When I was
young enough to be in the youth group, I would ask to play some U2 on the
stereo system. He would say that he would only play christian music. I would
then go on to explain the spiritual background of the band and also the
spiritual content in the songs. He still refused. He would always bring up
the video for Where The Streets Have No Name. He said that they broke the law
then and then exploited that blah, blah, blah. I would usually laugh at this
point and explain how they didn't mean to but someone "leaked" *wink, wink,
nudge, nudge* what they were doing. He still wasn't going to allow me to play
some U2.
But maybe this new Franklin song will be played at my church and U2 will be
exposed to some of these kids there. Maybe U2's music isn't categorized as
Christian music but I can definately say that it can be categorized as
spiritual. And speaking from experience, U2's music has the ability to help
someone see/hear/feel the presence of God (no offense to those of you who are


So Frank Sinatra is up in heaven and he sees Elvis. "So despite all the
drugs, you made it here, huh?"
"My circulatory system might not have been clean but my faith was, Franky,"
said Elvis. Frank just grins as he sees Bono float by. "I didn't know Bono
"Oh him? He didn't. That's God. He likes to pretend he's Bono sometimes."

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