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Sara Zettervall ([email protected])
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 09:37:28 PDT

That's me. I *just* found out about the possibility of ordering PopMart
photos from Otto (so I haven't exactly been reading WIRE dilligently
until recently), and I went to his website to make some choices before
this all shuts down... and I found the photo of the beautiful streaming
color-tunnel during Streets. I started to cry. Maybe it's that I've
gotten less than 5 hours of sleep for the past 4 nights, I don't know.
It was really emotional for me to see that again.

I have been thinking about PopMart a lot anyway. I keep thinking of how
awesome Edge is. I never really appreciated him until I went to
PopMart, especially the Atlanta show. Bono will always be my baby...
but there's something so cool to the extreme about Edge. Could it be
that he plays guitar like a god???

Sara Z

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"U2 is an original species... there are colours and feelings and
emotional terrain that we occupy that is ours and ours alone." - Bono

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