Bono 6th sexiest man/U2 laser light show

Jennifer Shaw ([email protected])
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 15:04:32 PDT

***U2: Sexiest Men Alive? Not quite, according to VH-1.***
I was just watching VH-1's Top 10 Countdown of Music's Sexiest Men and
guess who made 6th? Bono and the boys! [Which is good cos I hate it
when they just like one member.] They played the first version of 'One',
y'know the one without the male and female cars? It was the first time
I ever saw that one. But only 6th? They put George Michael 2nd, EWW.
Jakob Dylan was #1. I feel bad for the other guys in The Wallflowers,
they're never mentioned. *sigh* Ah, well.
***A Mini-Version of PopMart? Well, no, but that _would_ be nice.***
Last night (or early this morning) I heard an advert for a U2 Laser
Light show at my local Museum of Natural Science. Basically it takes
place in the planitarium and they play a whole bucnh of U2 music while
projecting some weird looking laser light images that look 3D. I've
gone to a Pink Floyd Laser Light show and it's really good, and a whole
lot of fun cos the audience all loves the band and screams like hell
throughout all of it and/or sings along quite loudly. So if this is
offered in a place near you, GO! It rox! Oh, yeah, I live in Houston ,
Texas. (Thought that might help. Quick, aren't I? ;)
Cheers and a Yellow-Wahoo to You!
P.S. To understand the Yellow-Wahoo part listen to The Beatles
Anthology II, disc 2, 'I Am The Walrus' where John starts a bar early!

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