Re: Bono 6th sexiest man/U2 laser light show

Mark Russell Bell ([email protected])
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 20:23:50 -0700

It is dull and obvious to comment about how the media exploits (and
makes superficial) sexuality for profit. I would like to see more
meaningful subjects addressed in this forum such as U2 band members
hiding or repressing their homosexuality to conform with self or social

I was surprised when, apparently, few Wire members accepted my July 18th
invitation to read the transcript of the band's June 20, 1997 "Pop
Invasion" radio interview that I've made available. After dealing with
many of the rich and famous in my career, I'm keenly aware of people's
penchant in our materialistic society to be satisifed with idolizing the
images and success of celebrities. As I wrote on the 18th, the
interview transcript can be found (beginning) at

This website consists of interviews, journals and radio program
reporting so you might be confused by the first few paragraphs of this
tape side. The U2 transcript continues on Tape #231, Side #2 and Tape
#232, Side #1. The home page address is

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