World Music Awards In Monaco

Natasa Liotsakis ([email protected])
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 23:04:51 -0600

I first off like to thank John for posting the album sales of AB,Zoorpa
and Pop. I found that very intresting and imformative.
I don't if your familar with the World Music Awards held in Monaco. On
this show they give awards to the best selling acts of every individual
country. I beilieve this award show began in 1987 correct me if I'm

I have never sean U2 when anything on this award show, Is there another
Irish band out selling U2? Or does U2 just not care for this award show,
so then the award show doesen't mention them?

There is also catgory for best selling Rock group shamesly No Doubt won
U2 were not included in this catagory. Even all thats been realised I
still think U2 is a rock group. I think pop music is stuff like Mariah
Carrey,Backstreet Boys and Hanson...(gag)
speaking of Hanson they were included in this "Rock" catagory.

Is the World Music Awards just load of crap for not mentioning U2 or is
there another reason for not mentioning them.

Or maybe I missed when they mentioned U2. Please any info you could give
on this topic will be welcomed and appericiated.

Thank You For Your Time Fellow U2 Supporters.

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