U2 Can someone be objective and rationalize

rob okorn ([email protected])
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 22:16:31 PDT

Even the contrived U2 images of the 80's and their 'holier than thou'
slant had a much more powerful impact live than the 90's shows, there
were 3 or 4 wirelegs who posted there was no comparison and atmosphere
and emotion at the shows. Both decades had their repsective images but
the holier than thou angle and conviction in the passionate delivery was
more compelling at thos shows.
Bono's vocals: infinitely more powerful before, tone, range, texture
especially live, it's cut and dry, Jeff Shirkey and other wirelgs
reitereated my point.
Emotion/passion in vocals: oozing from JT and UF album as well as better
live shows. JT on Fire, Amnesty 86. WOWY, Springhill, Mothers from JT
on Fire ample evidence of emotional depth of vocals.
B-sides: Joshua Tree b-sides Luminous Times, Spanish Eyes, even Deep in
the Heart and J's reject track 'Sweet Fire of Love' alone have enough
passion/emotion to last a lifetime. To reiterate J's comments, any
b-side is an inferior track, goes as far as to lump Luminous Times and
Holy Joe as basically the same calibre. Luminous Times is vastly
Red Hill Mining Town vs. Staring at the Sun: J contends that both are
basically 'the same style' and caliber. Red Hill has infinitely more
abandonment, far more passionate vocals, and the great vocal tone/range,
Staring...as many wirelgs have posted over the past year relies on a
tight melody, no ounce of raw naturalism. That's in part why Miami is
one the strongest pop tracks, the fluff lyrics mirror the Miami cliches,
the track has replay value. Elvis Ate America is another very strong
track, another track many people simply overlook.
U2 eras: While I prefer the 80's, there are songs on every 90's album
that are solid. Of Achtung, I'd rather listen to So Cruel and 'Wild
Horses than most of the other AB tracks, they're quite good, I just feel
Red hill, Where the Streets, Sweet fire of Love, Luminous times, Spanish
Eyes, Mothers..., One Tree Hill are superior and more powerful, in part
with the unrelenting emotion, I guess there's a compelling raw
naturalism that is stronger there. Some of those traits are in the AB
tracks just not to the same degree.
80's tours: pretty basic stage setup, Bono wanted people to 'focus on
the music'. If people like the 90's showmanship, that's great if they
enjoy it.
As far as J, you are deceptive to the nth degree.

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