Re: anyone else scared???? and For whom the (Mark) Bell tolls...

Lilith ([email protected])
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 01:24:31 -0400

[email protected] said:

> Hi, as I was checking my wire mail I came across a very strange message by
> Mark Bell regarding us reading his Pop Invasion interview(which I did read and
> failed to see anything really revealing...) Well right now he's talking about
> u2 members hiding homosexual ok. Does that mean that I, who
> dress in tomboyish clothes and tend to get along easily with males have
> homosexual tendencies as well??? This actually isn't the first time I've
> seen people wonder, I've talked to fans who truly think the rainbow colors of
> POP are symbolic, and the village people video...
> What do you guys think?

Well, Crush -- I've come upon Mr Bell's posts too. I really don't think
you have anything to worry about....when it comes to yourself. However,
I'm more than a little afraid of Mr Bell. Someone who writes:

> I would like to see more
> meaningful subjects addressed in this forum such as U2 band members
> hiding or repressing their homosexuality to conform with self or social
> illusions.

(which is a WTF??? post if I ever read one), and puts together a
wacked-out website like his "" doesn't seem to have his
elevator going to the top floor. This excerpt is a personal favorite of

"Q: Where and how have I been formerly associated with my little dog,
Mona? . . .

A: The Roman.

Q: Was she a dog then?

A: A lion. . . .

Q: Will Mona always be a dog?

A: That depends upon the environ and the surroundings. No."



I dare you -- to be real;
To touch -- to touch the flickering flame....

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