houses, cars, concerts (U2 questions)

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Fri, 31 Jul 1998 10:32:14 +0300

hello wires
i got some more questions, they might sound stupid but im writing a story &
i need to know all the little things.
like i asked before about Bono's broken arm BTW i would like to thank all
the little people that helped:). i would like to see him slipping on the
stage but thats in "another massage"
so here are my new questions:
1) what kind of cars does Bono have & when did he buy them? (name all the
cars & their colour)

2) when did Bono Edge & Adam buy their huge houses in Killiney? where does
Larry live & when did he buy his house? where did they all live before?

3) where can i get all the U2 concert dates from the first till the last
(if its possible) include all the "unofficial ones"?

4) did Bono had a ruitainer (i dont know how to write it, its that thing
that you put on your teeth to straight them) between the years 1982-1984
because i saw the i will follow video & Gloria & some more oldies & he had
a huge space between his teeth he doesnt have that space anymore it couldnt
just disapper right?

i probably forgot some things but wire is here to stay (i hope) kind of
like U2
                         thank you bye

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