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Ben ([email protected])
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 08:08:49 -0400 (EDT)

I hope this doesn't get me trashed or flamed, but I find that the most
interesting and least bothersome stuff on wire is the argument between J
and Rob. I remebmber seeing U2 on TV on Live Aid at 6 and really liking
them, and then really getting into Angel of Harlem when R&H came out. I
love JT and AB and UF and Zooropa and POP, and well I guess I just think
that the music is still cool...Bono's voice is definitely different, but I
don't really mind. I always thought some of the U2 "oldies" were too high
anyway...One thing I'm sick of on wire though, and I've only been reading
since March is the posturing that happens. Lately, Rob started, and J
and all importance of the comments is bogged down within those
multisyllabic conundrums of
words. Please stop. It's giving me a headache to read Wire...
On another note, i read that Testament thing however, and well I just
skimmed so I guess I must have skipped over the apparent "homosexual"
strand in it, but well I was just kind of laughing about the whole site.
No offense Mark, and no offense Wire. It's just the Catholic getting out
in me...
Personally everyone including U2 says their songs are about sex, but well
I didn't
really join Wire to talk about that unless it's apparent in the meaning of
songs...I'm not getting down on diversity or any stuff like that...I just
would rather not talk about the band members hetero or homosexuality...
C'mon enjoy the mudslinging of J and Rob...

I'm not writing to get flamed, or start a thread or be a nuisance...
just saying hi...

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