Re: U2 Can someone be objective and rationalize

Rachel ([email protected])
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 08:59:34 -0400

First of all, I am so SICK of this!!!
Let me respond to Rob's post.

> Even the contrived U2 images of the 80's and their 'holier than thou'
> slant had a much more powerful impact live than the 90's shows,
Fine. That's your opinion. It's a free world you know...we *are* allowed
not to agree with it. And frankly, it gets pretty boring when you repeat
this ad infinitum. You like JT? Great. So do I. Why are we making this
into a flame war?

> Emotion/passion in vocals: oozing from JT and UF album as well as better
> live shows. JT on Fire, Amnesty 86. WOWY, Springhill, Mothers from JT
> on Fire ample evidence of emotional depth of vocals.
You state this as if there is *no* emotion at the post-RandH shows. I
for one, disagree with this completely. I'm sure anyone, anyone on this
list who has been to a Popmart show disagrees with this completely.Have
you listened to any live boots from Zoo/Pop recently??? Go and have a
listen to any version of One, RTSS, NYD from these eras. They're
amazing! And as for the albums in the studio, take a listen to Gone,
One, Ultraviolet....can you honestly say those songs (and many more) do
not ooze emotion? But then, that's your opinion...

> B-sides: Joshua Tree b-sides Luminous Times, Spanish Eyes, even Deep in
> the Heart and J's reject track 'Sweet Fire of Love' alone have enough
> passion/emotion to last a lifetime. To reiterate J's comments, any
> b-side is an inferior track, goes as far as to lump Luminous Times and
> Holy Joe as basically the same calibre. Luminous Times is vastly
> superior.
Again, that's your opinion. STOP STATING YOUR OPINION AS FACT. Some may
agree with it. I do not. Personally, I love a lot of the AB/Pop bsides
just as much as the JT ones. Especially North and South of the River,
and Lady with the spinning head.

On a last note...I think it's great to have a forum for sharing our
opinions about u2. But we should remember that no one's opinions can be
*wrong* is just how they feel about something.. I'm not flaming
Rob with this post....I"m contrasting my opinion....

Thanks for the space Wire....
Dream out loud,

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