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Here's what I came up with:

 Title: "U2- Orange Remixes CD"
 Artist: U2
 Origin: UK/EUR
 Catalogue Number: PID-471-2722
 Distributor: Valley Record Distributors, Florida, USA
                   Phone Number: 1-800-845-8444

However, to order from this company, you have to be a retail

The release date is listed as July _19_, 1998.

My feeling(strong feeling) as well as others on EXIT, is that this
is a "fruit-leg"--a copy, or near copy, of the Melon Remixes released
by Propaganda a few years back.
>From Cybersleaze:

GOTTA LOSE THAT EXTRA FIVE POUNDS.... I guess that it is not just
Internet gossip columnists who are afflicted with those pesky extra
pounds in the summer. We hear that U2 frontman BONO has decided to spend
the summer working out. The singer has recently taken up jogging,
cycling and tennis in a bid to shape up before going back to the studio in the
autumn. A friend says, "Bono's very conscious about shifting a bit of
weight over the summer." Join the group, buddy.
>From MTV:

Bono, R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige To "Lean On" Kirk Franklin

Last year, Kirk Franklin "stomped" his way up the charts with his
hip-hop inspired gospel. For this year's model, Franklin is putting the
finishing touches on a new album, called "The Nu Nation Project," which
is due out in September.

The first single from "Nu Nation" is "Lean On Me," an original song
penned by Franklin -- not a remake of the Bill Withers classic, and for
the track, Franklin has enlisted the assistance of some special guests,
including Bono, R. Kelly and Mary J. Blige.

Proceeds from the single, which will be released in August, have been
ear-marked to benefit churches in the South that have been ravaged by
arson fires over the last year and a half.

(Prarit's note: This was reported many moons ago. I still don't have
a definate release date, but I'm sure there must be one by now. If
anyone has one, could they please email it to me? Thanx...)
(Prarit's note: I *believe* I had quoted an article from Muzic.com
that pretty much says the same thing as this article does--there
is no Hutch Tribute planned as of right now, but it will probably
occur sometime in the future...)

>From Hot Press:

Reports that U2 are to participate in a Michael Hutchence tribute
concert have been described as "premature" by INXS manager
Martha Troup.

"It might happen," she says, "but it would be more a celebration
of his life and not a tribute. It could be next year, it could be five
years. Various musicians and technicians have approached me
and said if we did it they'd love to be involved, but nothing's
een arranged."
Thanks to Katrina Daniels for the following:

Copyright 1998 Miller Freeman PLC
Music Week
July 11, 1998

PolyGram lines up video blockbusters

by Martin Talbot

PolyGram unveiled the strongest music video line-up in its history for
this Christmas at its first annual retail sales conference in Brussels
last week.

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment's autumn releases include the first
Andrew Lloyd Webber show video and titles from Michael Flatley,
Portishead, All Saints, Boyzone, Spice Girls and U2.

The number of big name acts could provide a hefty boost for UK
music video sales, which last year slipped to a 10-year low of 4m units.

More than 50 retail buyers from chains including Virgin Our Price,
HMV, Woolworths, WH Smith and MVC attended the conference.
PolyGram UK chairman John Kennedy opened the event by reassuring
retailers that the Christmas schedule would not be hit by Seagram's
acquisition of PolyGram. Although PFE president Michael Kuhn is
examining options relating to the sale of PFE, no changes will be
made until December 31 at the earliest to ensure minimum disruption
during the Christmas period.

PFE's biggest music-related release will be an Andrew Lloyd
Webber- produced film of Cats, featuring Elaine Paige and John
Mills. PolyGram is also filming Michael Flatley's new Feet Of
Flames spectacular at Hyde Park later this month (July 25) for

The two massive titles will be joined by a Torvill & Dean video,
Ice Adventures - the follow-up to their 400,000-selling Face The
Music - and the official video of the 1998 Three Tenors'
concert, which will be filmed in front of the Eiffel Tower next
week (July 11). The Tenors show - which is also being accompanied
by an album and single of You'll Never Walk Alone - will
be backed by a pounds 750,000 marketing campaign.

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment sales director Colin Lomax says,
"We have some incredibly strong titles. Flatley and Cats could sell
3m units between them. And if you include the rest of the line-up,
this is by far the biggest music line-up that PolyGram has ever had."

Besides movies such as Bean and A Life Less Ordinary,
PolyGram will also release a special edition of the Spiceworld
movie featuring a 50- minute Making Of.... documentary and
previously unseen footage including an extra song from the film's
closing Albert Hall concert.

The other music highlights in the PFE schedule include an All
Saints video, a Boyzone Live video and the recording of a concert
by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli recorded live in Tuscany.

At the conference, PFE also announced its acquisition of Astrion,
the video and music company set up by former Pickwick boss
and BPI council member ovor Schlosberg four years ago.

Three Tenors In Paris (PVL) Aug 17
All Saints (PVL) Sept 7
Shania Twain (PVL) Oct 5
B Adams Unplugged (VVL) Oct 5
Portishead (VVL) Oct 5
Cats (PVL) Oct 12
U2 Popmart (VVL) Oct 12
Boyzone Live (VVL) Oct 26
M Flatley Feet... (VVL) Nov 2
Spiceworld (PVL) Nov 2
Metallica Live... (PVL) Nov 13
Bocelli A Night In... (VVL) Nov tbc
Source: PFE
Release dates are scheduled only

>From http://www.thedigitalbits.com :

A number of good sources began informing me last week, that
Paramount is expected to announce their DVD titles next Tuesday
(7/28). I had already been told to expect the announcement before the
end of the month by a number of retail sources, and I was told by
Paramount directly (at VSDA) that their announcement would be
made very soon. So if all goes well, after Tuesday, we'll know exactly
where Paramount stands on DVD. I'm keeping on top of this story,
so I'll post more details as I get them."

(Prarit's note: It is said that one of the first DVDs to be released
will be Rattle & Hum, which will also have some extra footage--I
haven't been able to confirm that, but that's what is circulating in
the rumour mill. Personally, I think they're going to release a few
movies, and then slowly move into the music area...)
Condensed from CNN:

Spice Girls Forever

World Entertainment News Network

SPICE GIRLS today (26JUL98) proved that GERI HALIWELL's
departure has not affected their popularity - they're number one in
Britain's singles charts again.

With VIVA FOREVER they've shot straight to the top of the charts -
their seventh number one.

And they've also hit another record. At their show in Orlando, Florida,
earlier this month (JUL98) the sound level reached an amazing 110
decibels, beating the record held by the ROLLING STONES and
There is an extremely interesting site about Catherine Owens, the artist
behind some of the visuals of the U2 POPMart tour. The address is:


There are some incredible pictures of the stage/screen there as well...

Thanks to Vencia for the above.
>From Muzic.com :

>From the you're a hero everywhere but your own home town department:
We know it's hard to believe, but the PA Newservice reports that U2's
Bono has been banned from a pub in Dublin. Reportedly the singer and
his wife Ali had stopped for drinks after a bike ride, but the establishment
wouldn't serve him. In fact, they reportedly went so far as to ask him to
leave because of his scruffy appearance. When queried later the pub
manager, explained that the pub has strict dress code -- and that it
applies to all. To his credit, the singer didn't pull the "Do you know
who I am?" routine. But it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway.

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