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Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 11:25:30 -0700

[email protected] wrote:
> Hi......
> Just want to say that I agree with Tim on the topic of lengthy posts on
> Northern Ireland on Wire. This is a U2 Fan Mailing List, not a Northern
> Ireland Political Discussion List. Now, yes, I do realize that U2 is very
> concerned with the politics in Ireland and Northern Ireland. I, too, am
> concerned with the strife that continues to happen there (and in many other
> places in our world, also). But, really, is this list the place to air
> these opinions about the political/religious struggle that is ongoing in
> Northern Ireland? I really don't think so, unless the discussion of such
> pertains directly to U2 in some way. These discussions should be done as
> private e-mail or on a separate list, perhaps, if there are enough people
> interested in such a list.
> 'Nuf said....Thanks, Tim for voicing what I have thought but was afraid to
> say publicly at the risk of being "toasted"! ;o)
> Faith, hope and LOVE,
> Di <-------- who really hopes she doesn't need an asbestos suit, 'cause
> the weather is too warm for it.....

Hello Wire,

If I were you, I wouldn't complain right now about any post to
Wire that's half way coherent and even remotly related to U2.
I'm sure U2 set around sometimes and have conversations among
themselve about NI that are like Elizabeth's.
I'm going to speak frankly right now and say that, at this time,
Wire is the pits. U2 is between album/tours and *nothing* of
any interest is happening. There's nothing to talk
about except stupid rumors that everybody knows are probably
false to start with. If it weren't for the ads hawking overpriced
CD-Rs, and the rob okron/J and the guy with the Edgar Cracy/testament
site thread or whatever we wouldn't have anything. All there would
be every day is about 10 posts of "Hi! I'm new to Wire" or
newbie's asking questions that could be found on the facts
site. (sorry newbies, your dears, but it's true)
I'm getting to the point were I'm praying for some top notch
flame wars so I won't die of Wire Boredom. I'm not saying you
shouldn't post it, but I'm totally uninterested in the schedule
of U2 poped videos on MTV, if the WOWY video just played on
MuchMusic, or if the U2 Simpson re-run is on.
Each day's Wire is minuscule compared to what it was before
because just about all the well informed and interesting posters
of last year have gone into lurker mode or unsubed and only check
to see if anything interesting is happening on Darci's archive
site. I'm moving closer to the point of unsubing every day.
So, please, don't complain about any good, coherent, non-flaming
post that shows up on Wire. It's not like EP's post could be
replaced on the bandwidth by anything really interesting about
U2 we didn't already know at this point.


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