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Robbie Robertson said:

> I'm going to speak frankly right now and say that, at this time,
> Wire is the pits.
<snip reasons>

Gotta agree there -- though let me take a moment to say that I was
flipping channels and did indeed catch "ISHFWILF" on VH-1's Pop-Up

Now that I've pandered to the "non-controversial, nice U2-only posts"
requirements, I thought I'd waste some time commenting on some of the
recent posts that have kept Wire from being _completely_ boring, to say
the least...

First, we'll start with Marky-Mark Russell Bell. Among other things we

> Lilith's message featured a brief excerpt
> from my website without explaining that this portion of the introduction
> to NEW TESTAMENT was channeled material from Edgar Cayce.

Well, that makes the whole thing clear as a ....Bell?

> It often
> seems that when somebody is saying something you haven't heard before,
> the hasty response is fear, aggression or telling one's self that the
> source is "wacked out" or "on crack."

Is that what I told myself? I guess Mr. Bell must have channelled it....

> Spirit has made my life an open book so that
> others can expand their consciousness.

Let's expand along with Mark on hte subject of U2:

> U2 is a subject in the book and here is another useful metaphor showing
> how a selfish and materialistic society can influence you too.

Ooh -- a pun! "You too" -- Mr. Bell, you are too droll.

> When it
> was my responsibility to edit the press kit production information for
> "U2 Rattle and Hum," I learned about the early years of the group by
> reading UNFORGETTABLE FIRE by Eamon Dunphy.

Is that not a source which some people in the U2 camp have said was
inaccurately written and in any case had the support of the group
withdrawn from it? Correct me if I am wrong (as long as you stick to
verifiable sources please -- no "channelled" references allowed, sorry);
I have the old articles buried in a box.

Perhaps in a subsequent post Mr. Bell might explain what his learning
about U2's early years has to do with the rest of that paragraph.

> At the time, I was making
> selfish, materialistic choices in my life yet I've learned many
> spiritual lessons since that time and continue learning them. I'm sure
> at one point in U2's career, group members would think it obscene for a
> single night's party to cost a small fortune when there is so much need
> in the world yet the film's premiere party on a Paramount soundstage was
> lavish even by Hollywood standards.

Well, here we have the one thing that no spiritual experience should be
without: celebrity gossip! Well, man-on-the-inside, what was this
"lavish even by Hollywood standards" party like? Were there hot and cold
running girls, people drinking champagne out of slippers, solid gold
flatware? Did Bono dance on the table tops again? (Were U2 even _there_?
It was the studio's party, after all.) In any case -- details, baby, we
want details! Give us the dirt so we can know how to guide our
spiritual, less-material existences.

> Since publishing TESTAMENT, I've done several radio interviews yet the
> mainstream media has failed to report about the book.

It's a conspiracy!

> I've sent out
> more than a thousand Email messages in an attempt to make others aware
> of it, along with numerous Internet news group and bulletin board
> announcements.

Isn't that what they call spam?

And now, for our Moment of Zen:

> I can only wonder if there is something missing from the biblical story
> of Moses.
Well -- I can think of a few: dirty pictures, a really good recipe for
goat's head soup, pages from Moses's diary for the week of August 5th
through 17th five-thousand-whatever BC, font specs, a reference to Visit
the Website (, a 1-900 phone
number to dial in case of emergency, tech support.....

> Why were the commandments that he brought to the world
> accepted by the rest of humanity

Well, maybe because they weren't.

> (unless some have been covered-up —
> ‘God Is Gay,'

Yes, I can indeed see that these may have been in the original
commandments. Notice the suspicious lack of a _wife_ for God....sure, in
the fifties they called it "bachelorhood," but we know better now.


> ‘God Is A Socialist')?

We'll just ignore the fact that Socialism was invented in the 19th
century, long after Moses's time. We'll ignore it because obviously the
facts are irrelevant -- right Mark?

> When I was working at Paramount
> Pictures, I never imagined the significance the Paramount logo would
> eventually have in relation to my life.

I think that we can all say that Mark. Sometimes I dream of it...and
wake up with an inexplicable desire (mandatory U2 content) to listen to
smoke cigars and eat a banana. Do you think you can get Edgar to ask Dr
Freud a few questions for me about these dreams?

> I hope you will read the Internet editions of TESTAMENT/NEW TESTAMENT at
> — unlike the HOLY BIBLE, there's a lot of humor.

Much of it, I am sure, unintentional.

Then -- oh, what the heck -- let's go to our runner-up, Mr. Rob Okorn:

> I'm curious if people think that the glitz, 'self-indulgent' and
> 'dispensibility' live themes which U2 espoused and embraced disconnects
> us from the passion that makes music more tthan just a 'dispensible'
> commodity.
<snip blah blah snip>

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz........huh? What? Oh, sorry -- must have passed out for a
second. Boring long-winded posts do that to me.

I'm curious if by this time anyone gives a rat's ass over this one-sided
argument over U2's embrace of "glitz" etc. in the POP era, as opposed to
their embrace of cowboy hats and country-music references during the
Joshua Tree tour.

Another Note From Underground by

"Facts are stupid things" -- Ronald Reagan

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