re:repressing their homosexuality

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Sun, 2 Aug 1998 23:27:58 EDT

oh boy, another free-thinking wireling....I was the first one to reply to mark
bell's post and I am getting tired of the homophobic accusations that have
been going on on this list. Many of the (homophobic) members of this list
just may not approve of homosexuality...regardless that u2 much as
this band influences me, I don't think being a fan means subscribing to every
view Bono has in the world. I have tried for the last couple years to not let
it bother me, but it does...I have friends who are homosexuals, and I just
choose to ignore that part of their life...maybe some of us are like this as
well, we just choose to ignore qualities and practices of our friends so that
it doesn't affect us??
   Lilith called Mark a little off his rocker not because he implied U2 were
repressing homosexuality, but because he claimed he was God's messenger and
had an ability of "channelling" I still think anyone who would suspect a rock
star married 16 yrs of repressing is a bit silly and off base though. To me
the homoerotic attraction just comes from friendship and the close artistic
relationship these guys have had for over twenty years. I made the comment
about Mark simply to get others to read to read the Pop Invasion article on
his site...I was having trouble seeing anything special and I was wondering
what others thought about it..sorry it has turned into this........

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