my U2ish weekend

Kimiko Percival ([email protected])
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 20:30:49 PDT

Well first on my stuff I ordered came in, my U2 Boy cd with the original
cover and my Passengers vinyl. Than I went to the mall and at the music
store the girl who was at the register saw I had on a U2 shirt and was
buying a U2 cd and was like cool and talking about how Bono was fine and
she asked what my favorite U2 cd was and I told her the Joshua Tree and
she said Achtung Baby was great but the Joshua Tree was amazing. Than
when we were leaving the mall the car that parked next to us had a
PopMart sticker on it.
Than today at the swap meet I got Rattle and Hum and War on tape. And
the Simpsons U2 episode is on. Good thing I woke up because I would of
missed it.
Anyone know anything about Modern English?? Do they have a new album
out? Or a new version of Melt With You?

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words are meaningless and forgettable
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