politically correct is repressing

khufu ([email protected])
Sun, 02 Aug 1998 23:54:38 -0400

> Emily M. Beck ([email protected])
> i was not privy to mark russell's original post suggesting that people
> consider possibly repressed homosexual urges among the members of U2 -
> mark made reference to an interview which i am assuming had some content
> which prompted him to initiate this thread -

he didn't propose it as a possibility. and you assume too much. if you
looked at his site and read the interview, which many of us also heard
when it occurred, you would be in a better position to comment.

> > whoever wrote the post in response to mark asking if he "hears voices"
> > was rude and out of line - i really can't get over how many homophobic
> > sentiments are expressed on this list - if you stop to think about this
> > band and what they stand for, you might realise how out of line those
> > kinds of attitudes are

obviously you didn't understand what i wrote, and you are commenting
without having done your home work. i could care less what consenting
adults do, and some of my oldest friends are homosexuals. i do, however,
think it is silly and overreaching for someone to take the ambiguous
actions and words of others and to come up with speculative theories
on how these people are "repressing" themselves in order to conform to
societal norms. u2 repressing themselves (?), possible, as anything is,
but somehow i doubt it. i just think some people look too hard to see
things that just aren't there, just as some people may hear things that
just aren't there, that's what the question meant.

and i can't get over how little a of sense of humor there is in the
politically correct world. it must be very boring to live in that
world all the time, and it must take a lot of energy to always take
things so seriously and to constantly be offended. i'm sure glad
i went to college before everyone was hounded by the words and
phrases police.

politically incorrect and hardly ever offended, except maybe by a
300+ pound tumor with hair and teeth at dinner time, but i still watched!


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