"You think I'd die for anyone less than Bono?"

[email protected]
Sun, 2 Aug 1998 23:45:02 EDT

I was at work, alright? It was a slow night so I went into the lounge to
watch some tv...I happened to be channel surfing when I stopped (just by
coinsedence) on USA. Pacific Blues was on...I had never watched it before. I
was just about to surf on when I heard the name U2!!! A little side plot in
this show was that there was a radio station having a contest and the winner
got two tickets to a U2 concert...oh yeah...and also $10,000 (big deal). So I
watched the rest of this hour long episode and at the end the girl who won was
faking a suicide attempt (to win the contest...long story). Then she came out
and explained that she wasn't really gonna kill herself and then she said
it...words to live by..."You think I'd die for anyone less than Bono?" I
laughed hystarically! It was great!


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