Places to Shop in Europe...

Christopher ([email protected])
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 03:41:10 -0700

I'm looking for CD shops in Germany and France - mainly the German cities
of Bremen, Paderborn, Berlin and Hannover and, of course, France's Paris.
I'm looking for shops that would be selling the following titles (but any
quality, live U2 performances would be great):

Zoo TV Dublin 8/28/93(ZOO Europa, Zootopia)
Lovetown Dublin 12/31/89(New years day in Dublin, etc)
Popmart Sarajeveo 9/23/97(Miss Sarajevo, Fuck the past, kiss the future)
Salome(Achtung Baby outtakes)
Shadows and Tall trees(early demos)

Thanks for your help,
Christopher Schmitt
                  a new media designer for hire
                  [email protected]

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