Hey All You Cats and Kitties

Blake Crossley ([email protected])
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 09:39:50 -0230 (NDT)

Well Its been awhile since I posted to wire.
Ive moved out of my old apartment and my harddrive was zapped so I lost
all my email. PEOPLE IF YOU ARE TRADING WITH ME... I got your stuff ready
to go:
Im looking for [email protected] Anyway In case you dont know who I am. I
am Blake Crossley, from Corner Brook. Newfoundland. Canada. If you were
at the gigs in Toronto: you know who I am :)
        If you are on IRC, I periodically Make myself known as weither
St0nEc0lD or AxTuNg. Enough about me on with the show:
        So many rumors, so many stoories out there. Kinda makes you wonder
if this Listserv should be turned into a soapopera. How about One Wire to
Live? Or The Young and the wireless or All My wire? Ill leave it at that.
I do hope a new album comes out before Christmas but I gotta be
realistic here, would make a great christmas gift.
        As well, in case you didnt know, I am getting married next summer.
My good friend Dale, from Boston, we all know him, said for me to
announce it on wire and have a pilgrimmage to my wedding. Actually that
would be the best, but in any case.
        I have a list of U2 bootlegs that I am trading if yuo wanna see my
list, just email me and Ill be more than glad to work out something.
Anyway this is the MAN FROM NEWFOUNDLAND signing off.
        See ya on the flip side,,,, Blake

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