Celebrity Death Match

Haley Miller ([email protected])
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 16:26:11 -0400

hi all
I think it would be REALLY interesting to see CDM pit 1988 Bono against 1998
Bono(hey they brought in the Lockness Monster and Bigfoot, right? Time
travel is the next step) WE all know that Bono hasn't really changed that
much, but I'd love to see his two MEDIA IMAGES clash.... the much-written
about "pious, long-haired idealist" and the "older, jaded, sellout
egomaniac" need to be in a ring together.
before you flame me....please go back and read the words "MEDIA IMAGE" the
general public's perception of Bono has changed dramatically in the last ten
years. since CDM reduces people to flat stereotypes, why not!
Peace love and Vegetables


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