new album facts or rumors?

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Mon, 3 Aug 1998 16:10:09 EDT

here it is sent to me, then to you guys from chenna:
Jeff i have just been reading wire from over the weekend and i think i
am getting flamed however, what somebody said about my job is actually
true all part time staff and otherwise were all talked to severly and
was told that the leek would be sacked.

As they can not prove it was me as lots of people in the studios must
have seen what i have seen then i think i am ok to continue my revealing

The album is 13 tracks long and some of the songs have long titles one
is "If we had sex now it would be so right". This sounds like it will
be a good song as i like the ones dealing with a sexual side to life.

Last night and my usual round of emptying bins i had my walkman on
listening to a bit of Nightswimming by REM and a cigar packet was thrust
in to the bin, i looked up and was about to say something sarcastic and
i discovered that it was the B-Man himself, he looked totaly shattered 3
day growth (at least) is hair looked like it hadnt seen a comb for days,
and i went all red and and said "hi" i know great good introduction. I
pulled my ear plugs out and he asked what i was listening, i told him
and he smiled and said i couldnt go too far wrong listening to the likes
of REM. he sparked his Cigar with the grace of a god and said "see ya
later" as he glided down the corridoor with a puff of smoke behind him.

I have to go now i have some things to do, can you please stick up for
me on wire because i am telling the truth but know body seems to
believes me, i promise you now everything i have mailed you is true and
i want the world to believe me.

bye for now
Love Chenna
there you go!


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