Re: new album facts or rumors?

[email protected]
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 23:06:50 EDT

Hi all,
I bet right about now Jeff is sitting back, wondering how many of us are going
to believe his little bit of creative writing. I just read it and laughed. IF
this "Chenna" is real, why wouldn't she post to Wire herself, and why would
she single out Jeff to send her info to? If I had inside dirt -- and didn't
mind risking the loss of my job! -- I'd send it to U2News or Zoonation or
something like that.

BTW, Jeff, good choice of REM for the Walkman tunes. :)

Oh, and what's with the spamming lately? I got 2 more today. To those
responsible: your ISPs have been notified and your addresses have been blocked
from my account. Spam sucks.

Kathryn <---skeptical

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